Terms and Conditions

As a Chatteris CNET you will be making a real difference in the lives and learning of the Chinese school children you work with. At the same time you will develop transferable workplace skills such as confidence, leadership, adaptability and flexibility. You will also have the opportunity to gain a lasting insight into the Hong Kong and Chinese culture and to form lifelong international friendships. Please remember that Chatteris is a charitable organisation. While our positions our employees to come to Hong Kong primarily for the experience.

CNETs receive HK$14,000 per month (other currencies subject to fluctuation of exchange rate) for the duration of the contract. As your income falls into two government financial years, this is the take home salary free from tax. Please note that the general cost of living in Hong Kong is lower than your home country (e.g. UK, US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand). The salary in Hong Kong may go further and may give you a standard of life equivalent to that of someone earning more in your home country. However, if you would like to save for travelling, you need to be able to manage your budget well.

The CNET contract is 9 months long, from 1 September to 31 May. However, CNETs are required to arrive in the second week of August for orientation.

Orientation and on-the-job training: 
Upon arrival in Hong Kong, orientation is provided by Chatteris to all CNETs. Orientation covers basic TESOL methods and the Chatteris Approach to teaching. However, most importantly it offers hands-on teaching experience with Hong Kong students in a local school. This allows CNETs the chance to localise and begin to understand their new environment. The three-week orientation period also provides CNETs with time to find accommodation for the duration of their nine month contract. Accommodation is provided during orientation but no salary is paid for this time. There will also be ongoing seminars, workshops and tutorials throughout the year, some of which are mandatory.

Flights and Accommodation: 
As a charitable organisation, Chatteris is unable to provide flights. Accommodation is provided for approximately the first three weeks of the programme during orientation training. After this period you will be responsible for finding your own accommodation in Hong Kong which typically costs around 1/3 of CNET monthly salary. Chatteris has a lot of experience in finding suitable flats in Hong Kong and will help CNETs to find appropriate and affordable accommodation. Although the initial three-week period seems short, there will be plenty of time and support to arrange accommodation.

Working hours: 
There is a standard 40 hour, 5-day working week for all CNETs. Approximately one third of this time will be spent on teaching lessons (20-24 lessons of approximately 35 minutes per week). One third of the time will be spent doing extra-curricular activities and helping students to speak English out of class. Another one third of the time will be spent on preparing for lessons and activities as well as documentation and logistics. While Chatteris works hard to ensure fair working hours for all its employees, please be aware that as with any full-time job you will occasionally be requested to complete tasks for schools that will require additional hours. Schools may occasionally ask you to work during the evenings or weekends (for example English Funfairs, Open Days or Parent Evenings). Please be prepared to be available during these infrequent events and you will receive compensation leave.

You will enjoy all Hong Kong public holidays. Please click here to view the list of public holidays in Hong Kong. You will also enjoy 6 days of annual leave within the 9 month contract to be taken during Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter school holidays. If you have good performance, attendance and punctuality, both Chatteris and the school will grant you extra holidays to be taken during school holidays. Each school schedules its own holidays, CNETs can expect about 30 days’ holiday during the nine month programme. Click here to view the estimated number of holidays for CNETs.

Upon acceptance of a position offered by Chatteris, you are required to pay a deposit of HK$2000. The amount of HK$2000 will be returned to you at our discretion following full completion of the contract and observance of the departure procedures of your school and Chatteris. For more information please view the FAQ section of the Chatteris website.