Comments from the Past Tutors
Chatteris International Graduate Programme

Teaching English to Hong Kong students is the main aspect of the Chatteris International Graduate Programme and should be your primary reason for taking part. If you are accepted onto the programme, you will become a Chatteris Native-speaking English Tutor (CNET) and be placed full time in a primary, secondary or post-Secondary school, delivering interactive lessons and activities to local students.


The Chatteris primary school programme focuses on increasing students’ exposure and use of English from an early age, supporting students aged 6-11 in a variety of schools across Hong Kong.


The Chatteris secondary school programme works with students aged between 11-17 in a broad range of schools across Hong Kong.  Since 2015, we have initiated our One for One programme, which supports schools with a higher intake of students from low socio-economic backgrounds.  (‘one for one’ highlighted with link to sponsorship page)


The Chatteris post-secondary programme serves students aged between 16-24 studying vocational disciplines such as Design, Beauty Care and Engineering among others, at Higher Education Institutions throughout Hong Kong.