Our Schools

Every year, we place recent English-speaking university graduates in local primary schools, secondary schools and vocational colleges to act as Chatteris Native English Speaking Tutors (CNETs) for one academic year (1st September - 31st May). 

This map indicates the areas where our schools are located across Hong Kong. All schools in our programme have different needs and requirements and we work closely with both school and CNET throughout the year to maximise the benefit of the programme to their students. 

We are committed to expanding our successful programme to reach more less privileged students.

Our History


Project Management Team

The Chatteris Project Management Team all work together for the shared goal of improving the English language environment for students across Hong Kong. Throughout their time in Hong Kong our team offers a diverse range of support and opportunities to CNETs, from professional development workshops, resource ideas, team building opportunities, personal support and organising community work. We work together throughout the year to deliver the Chatteris International Graduate Programme to help all our CNETs get the most from their time in Hong Kong!



The Board of Trustees

Chatteris is overseen by an experienced and active board of trustees with backgrounds in education, law, finance and human resources.


The Source of Funding

In its early years, Chatteris was funded from a variety of sources: private donation, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and two Hong Kong Government advisory bodies: The Quality Educational Fund and The Language Fund. We have been operating on a financially self-sufficient basis for 13 years, with schools and vocational institutions contributing to the overall cost of CNETs and associated administrative expenses.
Given our increasing emphasis on programmes to benefit less privileged students, Chatteris has sought partners from the private sector to sponsor additional CNETs in schools where a particular need is identified and where a transformational difference in student attainment may be possible.