The Source of Funding
In it's early years, Chatteris was funded from a variety of sources: private donation, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and two Hong Kong Government advisory bodies: The Quality Educational Fund and The Language Fund. We have been operating a on a financially self-sufficient basis for 13 years, with schools and vocational institutions contributing to the overall cost of CNETs and associated administrative expenses.

Given our increasing emphasis on programmes to benefit less privileged students, Chatteris is now seeking partners from the private sector to sponsor additional CNETs in schools where a particular need is identified and where a transformational difference in student attainment may be possible.

In 2015-2016 school year, we launched the pilot phase of our 'One for One, Adopt a School' project, created for schools with large numbers of less privileged students. Such a school may not be able to afford the immersive benefits of having multiple CNETs per year. For this pilot project a particular partner school has funded one CNET and Chatteris itself has been able to fund a second. Out initial feedback has been extrememly enthusiastic and we are monitoring the outcomes closely. Thanks to a private donation we already have the funds in place to extend the project to one further school from September 2016 and we are seeking support from the broader Hong Kong community so that we can bring this initiative to many more schools.