Become an Chatteris Programme Facilitator
Full time, 12-month paid contract, $15,000 HKD per month
CLOSING DATE: Ongoing but early application is advised 
Chatteris Programme Facilitator 

As a Chatteris Programme Facilitator you will be placed, full time, in a local Hong Kong school. Your role on campus will be to help improve students’ language proficiency by motivating them to learn and use English everyday. After the end of the Chatteris academic year on campus you will transition into our office and share the responsibility of planning, organising and delivering summer camps and extra curricular programmes and assist with the development of educational materials for our primary, secondary and postsecondary programmes.

  • Be a university graduate of any discipline with a bachelor's degree or higher qualification
  • Be from a native-English speaking country and / or possess excellent English language competency
  • Have excellent clarity of speech
  • Have a keen interest in working with children, teenagers, young adults or perhaps be considering a teaching career
  • Have a clean police record
  • Declare any pre-existing health conditions (physical or psychological) that may affect your performance at work

-To work in partnership with Chatteris to design and deliver the Chatteris English Development Programme in our partner schools;
-To design and deliver collaborative teaching lessons with local teachers for a class of 30-40 students and/or to design and deliver small class lessons for not more than 20 students per class in school;
-To help promote the English language environment in your placement school;
-To prepare lesson plans and resources, particularly during non-teaching periods;
-To have informal chats with students during breaks, lunch and after school;
-To organise co-curricular activities such as lunch prizes, outings, English Days, drama, sports, debates and discussion sessions, and English Ambassador Team;
-To decorate and manage the English Room and/or English Corner;
-To support the curriculum and staff development in school;
-To assist with the planning of community activities;
-To assist with the planning, organisation and delivery of summer camps and other Chatteris projects; and
-To assist with the development of educational materials for the various programmes.