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Collaboration with schools
Partnership between school and Chatteris
Chatteris uses its experience in education to work as a strategic partner with schools. By developing an innovative approach to English learning, Chatteris help both schools and students develop a competitive edge in English. Chatteris gives schools consistent and comprehensive support in order to help them continuously improve their working practices, resources and development strategies.

Chatteris works with CNETs and local English teachers/other school staff to:
  • improve the English language environment for students;
  • improve students' English language ability, especially in terms of their speaking and listening skills;
  • improve students' confidence and interest in English;
  • support curriculum and staff development; and
  • create fun and educational resources to aid students development in learning English
Chatteris helps with the school and staff development:
  • Chatteris organised workshops for staff (e.g. co-teaching).
  • Through working with CNETs, Chatteris helps the schools to develop a learning community.
  • Chatteris helps to strengthen teaching capacity of the schools by sharing of exemplary practices and teaching materials.
  • Chatteris offers consultancy to oversee the programme for the continuous growth and improvement of school
Chatteris provides regular training and support to CNETs:
  • Each CNET undergoes a two to three week training and orientation period with Chatteris.
  • During the CNETs’ 9-month contract, Chatteris offers support to CNETs in areas such as lesson planning, classroom teaching and event management that help them develop transferable skills for their career development.
  • Chatteris project management team offers regular on-site support and monthly professional development training workshops and monitors the performance of CNETs to ensure the CNET and the programme is running effectively and meeting the expectation of schools.
  • Chatteris project management team also works to prevent and resolve any problems that may arise. For example, the team can help to bridge the culture gap between the school and the CNET in order to improve collaboration and communication.
  • Chatteris provides mentoring support and helps CNETs integrate into the working environment of their placement schools and life in Hong Kong.