Community Programme

The Chatteris Community Programme offers CNETs the chance to make a direct contribution in different aspects of the Hong Kong community. Outside of their school placement, CNETs are actively involved with a number of established and developing community programmes in collaboration with voluntary organisations and educational institutions. CNETs conduct and participate in events, weekly ongoing activities and special summer programmes; such projects make a direct and positive impact on Hong Kong society with a specific emphasis on less privileged students. These opportunities also provide CNETs with valuable personal growth, allowing them to harness their skills and interests whilst having a unique opportunity to serve the local community.

Chatteris Hong Kong Summer Reach Out Camp

These camps are led by our CNETs and aim to empower less privileged students with opportunities to improve their English speaking confidence, environmental awareness, and sense of adventure.

                    Chatteris Pantomime                                            

The Chatteris Pantomime shares a British Christmas tradition with students as well as giving them an opportunity to interact in English in a fun and engaging way.

                      CNET Storytelling                                                     

The Chatteris Storytelling Programme is delivered on weekends in local libraries in less privileged districts of Hong Kong. This is delivered in collaboration with students from The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) and the Wofoo Leader’s Network.
          Impossible to Possible Hiking Trip                    

Students from our secondary and 
post-secondary schools and CNETs complete challenging outdoor pursuits to help students build their confidence and develop 
teamwork skills.
                       Scavenger Hunt                                                

The Scavenger Hunt around Hong Kong is our fundraising event that helps to raise money to fund the HK Reach Out camps.