New Opportunities

In addition to our Chatteris Native-speaking English Tutors (CNETs), we are also looking for outgoing, creative and energetic STEM graduates who are keen to join our international team in Hong Kong as English Facilitators. 

As a STEM facilitator, you will use your degree by helping to deliver course specific material, taught in English. Applicants must be ready to learn, open to new experiences and willing to take on challenges. 

Collaboration and teamwork are strongly valued within the Chatteris International Graduate Programme.

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Who we are

Chatteris Educational Foundation is a Hong Kong registered non-profit organisation established in 1990. We have grown steadily in terms of size, reach and professionalism since our founding, enabling us to strengthen our commitment to improving the English language standard of Hong Kong students.

Our vision

To enhance the English proficiency of children and young people in Hong Kong, empowering them for success in an increasingly globalised, competitive world and promoting intercultural understanding between them and native English-speaking tutors.

Our mission

To make a sustained contribution to raising the English communicative proficiency and self-confidence of Hong Kong's young people, particularly those who are less privileged, through dynamic interaction and engaging collaboration with international English-speaking university graduates, complementing standard educational curricula.

To provide opportunities for international graduates to develop their intercultural understanding and leadership skills through working within our wide range of partner schools, educational institutions and charitable organisations across Hong Kong.

What we do...

Every year, Chatteris places 70-80 international graduates, who are dedicated to working with young people,  to teach and run activities full-time in local primary, secondary and post secondary schools. Our graduates are fully integrated into the school system and provide vital, authentic English interaction to students. 

Chatteris recruits Chatteris Native-English Speaking Tutors (CNETs) internationally, particularly from the UK, USA and Canada. Our graduates are from a range of disciplines and backgrounds and make up a diverse team who share our passion for providing equal English language opportunities to all Hong Kong students. 

Chatteris and our CNETs take pride in the transformational difference that our programmes make in students’ lives. By enhancing students’ exposure to English, we open doors to opportunities in an increasingly globalised world where English is an essential tool.

How we do it...

Chatteris collaborates with schools and teaching staff across Hong Kong to raise the English language standards of local students. Chatteris provides extensive training throughout the year and works with CNETs to plan, create and teach fun, interactive and engaging English lessons and activities in order to enhance the English Language Learning Environment. 

All schools in our programmes have different needs and requirements and we work closely with both school and CNET throughout the year to maximise the delivery of the programme to students. The activities that we collaborate to deliver inspire students to speak English in an inclusive and dynamic environment, where their confidence and ability to speak English is greatly improved.