School Programmes

The Chatteris English Development Programme forms the main part of our work. We offer three core English development programmes for schools: primary, secondary and post-secondary. We are currently partnered with over 30 primary and secondary schools and vocational colleges in Hong Kong. 

Each year we select between 70 and 80 young graduates, mainly from the United Kingdom and North America, and place them in our partner schools full-time for one academic year (1 September – 31 May). They are known as Chatteris Native- speaking English Tutors (CNETs). 

CNETs are given intensive training upon arrival and are supported with on-going professional development throughout the year. We regularly conduct visits and meetings with principals, English panel heads and tertiary teaching staff for programme quality assurance. We work closely with schools to design appropriate course content, materials and activities to cater appropriately to the levels, needs and interests of their students. 

Once in their assigned school, CNETs take on many different roles to build students’ English skills. They work in partnership with local teachers to adapt to the needs of the school. CNETs organise fun, interactive activities, adopting a wide range of formats and approaches, e.g. interactive lessons, cultural events and extra-curricular clubs. These activities complement the formal curriculum by focusing on speaking and integrated skills. Many of these activities are designed to broaden students’ cultural knowledge. 

Chatteris constantly strives to develop innovative English language learning programmes. For example, we are currently running a two-year IT-based reading programme in a range of secondary schools for SCOLAR (Standing Committee on Language Education and Research), the government education- related advisory body and one of our long-term partners. 

Chatteris also offers the 'One for One, Adopt a School' programme, designed especially for schools with a high intake of less privileged students. The funding of a school for one CNET is matched by external sponsors in order to provide the school with a second CNET, hence one for one. These opportunities both strive to enhance the English language environment and give less privileged students more opportunities to interact with native English speakers.

Please contact us for further information about the school programmes and how to apply to become our partnering school. 


Collaboration with schools

Chatteris uses its experience in education to work as a strategic partner with schools. With its innovative approach to English learning, Chatteris helps students develop a competitive edge in English. Chatteris also gives schools consistent and comprehensive support in order to help them continuously improve their working practices, resources and development strategies through:
  1.  close collaboration between CNETs, NET(s) and local English teachers;
  2.  providing regular training and support to CNETs; and
  3.  conducting and facilitating school staff development.