School Programme


Chatteris English Development Programme for Schools has been running for over ten years as the core Chatteris programme. While the programme has developed and changed, the main principles have stayed the same. Chatteris places native-speaking English university graduates or those with native speaking English competency in local primary, secondary or post-secondary schools to help students improve their English. They are known as Chatteris Native-speaking English Tutors (CNETs).


Chatteris uses its experience in education to work as a strategic partner with schools. By developing an innovative approach to English learning, Chatteris help both schools and students develop a competitive edge in English. Chatteris gives schools consistent and comprehensive support in order to help them continuously improve their working practices, resources and development strategies.

Chatteris works with CNETs and local English teachers to:

  • improve the English language environment for students;
  • improve students' English language ability, especially in terms of their speaking and listening skills;
  • improve students' confidence and interest in English;
  • support curriculum and staff development; and
  • create fun and educational resources to aid students development in learning English

Core Programmes of the Chatteris English Development Programme

Chatteris operates 3 core English Development Programmes for schools:


Age of students

Number of programme schools in 2010-2011

Number of CNET placements

Primary School Programme

5 – 11

11 schools

24  CNET placements

Secondary School Programme

11 – 18

11 Schools

13  CNET placements

Post-Secondary Programme

16 – 25

15 VTC Campuses

26 CNET placements



40 Schools


Each programme will be further outlined in more detail to share the good practices and developments they have made this year.

Duties of CNETs in schools

One of the main roles of a CNET in a school is to build the students’ confidence and interest in speaking English. CNETs achieve this by delivering fun, interactive, educational lessons and activities to the students both inside and outside the classrooms. CNETs also improve the schools’ English language environment through hosting a variety of events such as funfairs, English cafes and karaoke!

CNETs’ duties included the following:

  • To work in partnership with Chatteris to design and deliver the Chatteris English Development Programme for Schools to help students improve their English;
  • To help promote the English language environment in the placement school;
  • To design and deliver collaborative teaching lessons with local teachers for a class of 30-40 students and/or to design and deliver small class lessons for not more than 20 students per class in school;
  • To prepare lesson plans and resources, particularly during non-teaching periods;
  • To have informal chats with students during breaks, lunch and after school;
  • To organize co-curricular activities such as lunch prizes, outings, English Days, drama, sports, debates and discussion sessions and English Ambassador Team;
  • To decorate and manage the English Room and /or English Corner;
  • To support the curriculum and staff development in school; and
  • To support the operation and development of Chatteris projects.