Who are Chatteris Native-speaking English Tutors (CNETs)?
Our CNETs are a diverse team of international graduates who are outgoing, committed to public service and working with young people. They embrace Chatteris’ vision and mission to enhance the English standards of students in Hong Kong, particularly those from less privileged backgrounds. They combine the maturity of university graduates and the flexibility of youth and are positive role models who enjoy sharing their cultures with students.
Qualifications and experience of CNETs:
  • CNETs are university graduates from a variety of disciplines
  • CNETs are from Native-English speaking countries and / or possess excellent English language competency 
  • A small number of CNETs have a TESOL or CELTA certificate 
  • A few of them are qualified teachers and have a post-graduate teaching degree/qualification such as a PGCE

Qualities and talents of CNETs:
  • CNETs are enthusiastic, motivated English-speaking university graduates who enjoy working with children, teenagers and young adults 
  • They are both interested in helping students improve their English while developing themselves
  • They are positive role models for students
  • They are from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines and bring a variety of skills and talents to our partner schools
Where do CNETs come from?
Chatteris has active relationships with over 400 universities’ career offices worldwide and each year we recruit CNETs from various overseas universities to work with students in our partner schools in Hong Kong. Most of them are recent university graduates mainly from UK and North America.