Chatteris Programmes

Chatteris runs three main programmes:

 1. Chatteris English Development Programme (CEDP) for Schools

There are three programmes under the Chatteris School Programme: Primary, Secondary and Post-secondary.

For the Primary and Secondary programmes, Chatteris works with the top 50% of the students in Hong Kong, with a focus on helping students achieve a smoother transition into schools using English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI).

For the Post-secondary programme, Chatteris works with various colleges across the region that caters for the bottom 50% of Hong Kong students. These students may not have accomplished academic success but are now perusing their talents through vocational training courses. Such students often need help to prepare them for work place communication and to improve their confidence in using English for functional purposes.

 2. Chatteris International Graduate Programme (CIGP)

All recent university graduates who join Chatteris are part of the Chatteris International Graduate Programme. These graduates bring their creativity and a diverse range of skills and talents to the Hong Kong schools they are placed in.

Graduates take on a ‘big brother or sister’ role within their schools to encourage and facilitate students to improve their confidence in spoken English. When working alongside local teachers in co taught classes, graduates play a role that is between a teacher and a teaching assistant.

The greatest motivation for graduates joining the Programme is to contribute to the learning and development of Hong Kong students. The Chatteris International Graduate Programme also provides a unique opportunity for graduates to develop both personally and professionally. 

 3. Community Programme

Work on various projects to provide direct contribution to the community.

It is important that schools and graduates intending to become part of the Chatteris family realise these holistic goals of the Programme. For more information please follow this link: Click here.