Frequently Asked Questions from Sponsors
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have other questions.

Q1. Why should I sponsor?
With the donation you have made, you can help us to enhance the current English language environment in schools and create extra opportunities for students to improve their confidence in using English and to have eye-opening cultural experience with our CNETs.

Q2. Why does Chatteris support schools who have the funding for one CNET already, rather than schools without?
After years of experience in deployment of CNETs, Chatteris received feedback from schools and students that having an extra CNET would create a better immersive, authentic environment for raising students' language standards, motivating their interest and enhancing their confidence in using English.

Q3. I am interested to be a sponsor. What should I do?
You may contact us for more information about a sponsorship programme and other details about how to make a donation.

Q4. As a sponsor, what are the benefits for sponsoring a Chatteris programme?
Sponsoring our programme would help raise the profile of your organisation that would like to give back to the community and help to build a better English learning environment for students in Hong Kong.

Q5. Who will be eligible to act as sponsors for the Chatteris programmes?
We welcome both local and international corporations who are interested to contact us for further details on how to make a donation.

Q6. How are my sponsorship donations used?
All donations made by a sponsor will be used on school programmes/students/CNETs. Chatteris does not make a profit from the donation. Depending on the programme that a corporation would like to donate for, the breakdown of how money spent would be different. You may contact us for more detailed information on how your donation would be used.
Q7. How long will my sponsorship last?
For the One for One Partnership Programme the sponsorship will be made to pay for one CNET for one academic year. You may approach us to renew the sponsorship for another year. The sponsorship for the Reach Out Camps is a one-off donation.

Q8. Are there extra commitments to be a sponsor?
No extra commitment is required. We would invite sponsors to attend some activities to make connection with the students /schools /CNETs, but there is no obligation the sponsor to attend.

Q9. Will you keep me updated on what my sponsorship is achieving?
Yes. It is a usual practice for Chatteris to create a review report along with photos at the end of the programme. This report will highlight the activities students have done and what improvements they have made.

Q10. Will my sponsorship connect me with CNETs/schools/students?
Yes, we encourage sponsors to connect or get involved in some activities with CNETs, schools or students through Chatteris. All connections should be made through Chatteris due to required school procedures.

Q11. How are the schools/students chosen for the sponsorship?
Chatteris has a comprehensive set of criteria for selecting schools/students that would get the most benefits out of the sponsorship programme. Interested sponsors may contact us to get to know more about the selection criteria and processes.

Q12. Does our corporate sponsor get any choice about which school/student/CNET they would like to sponsor?
Chatteris has a senior management team who has professional experience in selecting relevant schools, students and CNETs for the programme. Sponsors may contact us to get more information about the schools/students that they are sponsoring.

Q13. Can I sponsor another programme not under the list of sponsorship programmes?
Yes, please contact us to explore other opportunities that could help schools and students.